The Galactic History

The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere

Today, the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere stands astride the galaxy as a titan. Its current borders, loosely defined but undeniably vast, encompass as much as a quarter of known space. Countless star systems are included upon its asset register and scores of sentient species are listed amongst its population. It is not a single state as such, but an interstellar conglomerate. It is a syndicated superpower, a competitive collective. One whose wealth and weightage is already unimaginable, but also exclusively directed towards a singular goal - the acquisition of more. Its constituent corporations, most of them constantly striving to outdo and outgrow their rivals - and the rest of the galaxy at large - are at the very same time bound together under a single, all-powerful leadership: the Council of Seven. Securing the safety of the Spheres, and ensuring the rulings of the Council are strictly enacted, are the superhuman soldiers known as the Enforcers.

The GCPS is the greatest enterprise in the history of mankind. After nearly one thousand years of growth and development, it is stronger than it has ever been before. But it is not the only power moving across the stars. As the GCPS and its leaders prepare to celebrate a millennium of existence, its enemies, both within and without, those seen and unseen, are also gathering their strength and putting their own plans into motion. Plans that could threaten the future of the GCPS and bring an end to its relentless expansion. Plans that could change the entire galaxy, forever.

The Five Spheres

The McKinley Drive

The Council of Seven

Destruction of Pollux

New World Wars

The Exo-Threat Counteraction Unit

A Galaxy Incorporated

The Mandrake Rebellion

Greater Powers

ETCU and the Star Realm

Operation Heracles






Digging Deep

The Price of Failure

Old Enemies

Fighting Fires


Assault on Upphämer

Warlords of Cerberus

The Cerberus Maw

The Greatest

Black Company

The Spirit of Death

The Hammer Drops

Lair of the Mawbeast

The Hunt Begins

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